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Not everyone understands the steps that are involved when someone goes to jail. Once someone is arrested and goes to jail, the judge sets an amount for your bond based on the crime, which could be very high depending on the crime that was committed. Your bail amount has to be paid in order for your release. Most people struggle with having enough funds to post bond themselves, so they hire a bail bondsman to post the bond for them. Someone can hire a bail bonds company to post the amount due for release, ensuring that the one released will show up for their court hearing. Once released you will have to check in with your bail bonds company frequently to ensure you are following all the rules and guidelines. If for some reason you don't appear in court, the bond will be relinquished. Bonding Companies put their money up as insurance that you will appear in court. If all these guidelines are not followed, a warrant will be reissued and you will go back to jail. Depending on the crime committed one may be released immediately. For more serious cases, they will have to appear before the judge for the hearing. At that time the judge will decide if bail can be posted and what the bail amount will be. Bayou City Bail Bonds is the right bonding company to choose in assisting you with getting your loved one out of jail. We know the court system and have bondsmen with many years of experience. Let the best in Harris county get your loved one or friend out of jail quick. We are available 24 hours. We are standing by to take your call and help!